Saturday, September 29, 2012

Internships related to the IR Major

Internships Related to the IR Major

Posted by Associate Professor Lai

For those of you who attended the IR major open house, one topic of conversation was internships that are related to the major. AmbassadorRon McMullen discussed the State Department internship. I strongly encourage all of you to pursue an internship opportunity if you can. An internship is incredibly helpful for pursuing a career in any field, particularly in a foreign policy related job. Below are some links to internship opportunities.

The Pomerantz Career Center has useful information on the entire internship process, ranging from finding and preparing to what to do after you have completed your internship.

The Washington Center is a popular internship program with students at Iowa. This program assists you in finding an internship and provides housing. It also allows you to earn UI credit.

Tippie also has internship programs in places like London, Madrid, Paris, and Hong Kong. These are similar to the Washington Center in terms of their design.

Here is a list of other internship opportunities with the US government, International Organizations, NGOs, and think tanks.This is not a comprehensive list but should provide you with some opportunities.

US Government

International Organizations



Think Tank/NGOs (Many of these have a particular ideological approach to foreign policy so you should check the group before deciding to apply)





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