Friday, November 9, 2012

Study International Relations in the City of Light!

Posted by Associate Professor Kelly Kadera

Study International Relations in the City of Light!

 Introduction to International Relations (30:060 or POLI 1500) will be offered as part of the Iowa International Summer Institute from May 20 to June 14 in Paris, France.

 Intro to IR counts toward:

·         The International Relations major

·         The Political Science major

·         The International Business Certificate

·         General Education credit in Social Sciences or International and Global Issues.

 Europe is the birthplace of modern world politics, and Paris, in particular, offers some wonderful opportunities. Students will have a chance to explore:

¨       The landing beaches, the American cemetery, the WWII museum, and the old fortified coastal city of St. Malo during a weekend excursion to Normandy and Brittany

¨       Musée de l’Armée, the military museum at Les Invalides (where Napoléon is buried)

¨       Museums such as the Louvre and Quai Branly, where they can examine the representation of concepts such as revolution, statehood, imperialism, nationalism, and war, in artwork and artifacts

 Course requirements reflect and take advantage of the compressed semester. In particular, class discussions and participation are substituted for homework assignments, students write short reactions papers for 3 excursions of their choice instead of a longer research paper, and students are encouraged to write on IR topics connected to France.

 For more information and instructions on how to register for the Iowa International Summer Institute:

For help or questions, email Prof. Kadera at:

Picture of 2012 summer class in front of a German bunker in Normandy at Pointe du Hoc

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