Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fall 2013 IR Major Courses

For Fall 2013, here are courses that are part of the IR major

Required Courses
30:060 Introduction to International Relations

30:165 International Conflict

016:003 Western Civilization III

030:100 Understanding Political Research

Conflict and Foreign Policy

Required of this Track
30:061 Introduction to American Foreign Policy

Other courses in the Track
30:146 Russian Foreign Policy
30:168 Politics of Terrorism
30:169:001 Problems in IR: Domestic Politics and IR
30:169:002 Problems in IR: National Security Policy
30:178 Causes, Consequences, Management of Civil War
16A:153 US in a World at War

International Business and Economic Relations
Two of Three Required
06e:001 Intro to Microeconomics
06e:002 Principles of Macroeconomics
044:030 The Global Economy

Other Courses in Track
030:167 Politics and the Multinational Enterprise
06e:125 Global Economics and Business
06e:129 Economic Growth and Development
06f:130 International Finance
06j:146 International Business Environment
06m:151 International Marketing

Regional Politics and Relationships
Required Course
030:045 Introduction to Comparative Politics

Other courses:
030:043 Intro to Politics in the Muslim World
030:144 Latin American Politics
030:146 Russian Foreign Policy
030:148 Government and Politics of China
30:183 Honors Seminar in Comparative Politics
016:005   (HIST:2602)    Civilizations of Asia: China (or 039:055)   
016:007   (HIST:2606)    Civilizations of Asia: South Asia (or 039:057) 
016:008   (HIST:2608)    Civilizations of Africa
016:023   (HIST:1008)    Issues in European Politics and Society
16E:152   (HIST:4486)   Modern Britain: 20th Century
16W:106  (HIST:4501)   Society and Revolution in Cuba
16W:153  (HIST:4815)   Topics in the Modern Middle East
16W:198  (HIST:4655)   China Since 1927 (or 039:196)

Transnational Politics
030:155  (POLI:3509)     International Courts: The Intersection of Law & Politics
044:003  (GEOG:1020)   Global Environment
044:019  (GEOG:1070)   Contemporary Environmental Issues
044:131  (GEOG:3110)   Geography of Health 152:131
044:177  (GEOG:4770)   Environmental Justice
06E:113  (ECON:3180)   Health Economics (Prereqs- 06E:001 & 06E:002)
152:111  (GHS:5210)     International Health (or 173:111 / 175:111)
152:120  (GHS:4600)     Global Health and Human Rights
152:138  (GHS:4162)     History of Global Health (or 16W:138) 

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