Thursday, August 23, 2012

Welcome to the new IR major

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Welcome to the International Relations Major. The goal of this major is to provide you with the skills and knowledge to grasp international events from theoretical, empirical, and historical perspectives.  Because international relations and the international community are so important, a major in International Relations is an excellent choice for any student considering a career in either the public or private sector, including the diplomatic service, intelligence organizations, multina­tional corporations, non-governmental organizations, international organizations, news organiza­tions, think tanks, public health agencies, the media and numerous other professions.  The IR major also prepares students well to pursue post-baccalaureate degrees such as the JD, MA or PhD. 

In order to achieve the learning objectives of this major, the IR major curriculum is composed of four major elements. The first is the core courses which are four required courses. These courses give you a grounding in the field of international relations, the study of international conflict and International political economy, as well as the history of the modern world.

The second element is the research methods course. This course will provide you with the analytical tools to study and conduct research on international relations. These skills are very useful and necessary for any occupation you might pursue. Understanding how to conduct research is a skill that is valued highly by law schools, graduate schools, and prospective employers.

The third element is the Emphasis Area. You select one of four emphasis areas (Conflict and Foreign Policy; International Business and Economic Relations; Regional Politics and Relationships; Transnational Issues), which allows you to develop a deep understanding of one area of international relations. This will allow you to demonstrate an expertise in this ares.

The final element is the Senior Capstone Course. This course provides you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of international relations and analytical abilities working with other IR majors and guided by a faculty member.

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We will add new blog posts at least once per week. These blog posts will present faculty research, discuss current international relations issues, discuss the curriculum, present job and internship opportunities, and discuss study abroad opportunities. 

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Martha Greer, the professional advisor for the IR major or Tracy Osborn, the Political Science Director of Undergraduate Studies.

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